Kindgergarten Class

These are Kindergarten Class kids sponsored through Grace and friends- in their new uniforms.

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Leadership Development

We have partnered with Million Leaders Mandate and EQUIP to teach and train leaders in principles and concepts of leadership. Dr. John Maxwell's material has been formatted into six booklets with six lessons in each booklet . . . (more)


Children are the most vulnerable people among us. Education, healthcare, food and shelter are where your sponsorship gifts will go. Our partner relationships have given us opportunities to . . . (more)

Partner Projects

Our friends, pastors and leaders want to be able to sit and talk, listen and discuss. Relationship is important to them. Many of them have a deep desire for mentoring in their lives. God has given us favor. . . (more)

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"We thank God for SMPI, it has helped build lives and we really thank God for His faithfulness. We are much better because of this great ministry." ~ Pastor Sam Mukabi (Masaka, Uganda)