We have partnered with Dr. John Maxwell’s EQUIP organization to teach and train leaders in principles and concepts of godly leadership. Dr. John C. Maxwell’s material has been formatted into 6 booklets with 6 lessons in each booklet. There are three specific areas of importance in leadership development. Each booklet addresses the areas of personal development, skill development and strategy development. Since 2006 we have traveled to Uganda twice a year and have been teaching pastors and community leaders the foundations of solid leadership through the EQUIP material.

The EQUIP training seminars are designed to give in-depth instruction as well as opportunity for aspiring leaders. Two day seminars are followed by a time period of implementing the lessons learned. Six months later we return to the same location to teach the next booklet. We see each class six times over three years.

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Training young leaders is the key to a better future. As young people learn servant leadership combined with integrity they will be positioned to take responsibility for the future of their country. We believe the work we are doing today will produce tomorrow’s city mayors, government officials, even presidents and prime ministers.

Church pastors and leadership teams, school administrators and teachers, city mayors and councilmen, as well as marketplace and healthcare personnel have attended our seminars. We are highly encouraged by the reports we consistently hear about the way these seminars are changing lives and helping to build strong organizations. To date we have trained leaders in ten locations in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. We have graduated over 1000 leaders from the EQUIP leadership development courses, many of whom are young college students. Others are in significant positions of responsibility in their communities and are using their knowledge to better their churches and organizations. We are in the process of training hundreds more.

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