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You can sponsor a child at Treasured Kids Primary Schools in Kampala, Uganda for $39 a month. Children are the most vulnerable people among us. Our sponsorship program has given us opportunities to significantly impact the lives of these children. Your $39 gift will pay for school fees to provide education for these disadvantaged children, access to ongoing health care, school uniforms, and most importantly, a nourishing meal each day.

Many children depend on the noon meal they receive at school to sustain themselves, as families often have little ability to provide even the basic needs of their children. Through our direct involvement and visits to Treasured Kids Schools twice yearly, sponsors are able to send letters and small gifts to their child and receive letters and pictures in return. Many sponsors develop close relationships with their sponsored child. When children enter high school there is the opportunity to increase support to $55 to help cover the additional costs of a high school education. This increase is optional.

You may also choose to sponsor a teacher. Treasured Kids Schools is blessed with committed teachers who feel called to minister to children not only by helping them get a good education but by training them to be next generation leaders. Teacher Sponsorships pay part of the teachers’ salaries thereby reducing the school’s operational costs. This leaves more funds to provide education for children who cannot pay their school fees. Teacher sponsorships encourage quality teachers to remain teaching at Treasured Kids Schools. Sponsorship money is often used by teachers to improve their education. Sponsoring a teacher costs $100 per month. You can support a teacher yourself or get together with a couple friends to change the life of a teacher and help the entire school.

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